September 2017
weekend training intensive
Saturday & Sunday Sept. 9th & 10th, Noon to 6pm each day
PerformanceWorks NW, 4625 SE 67th Ave (nr Foster) PDX
NOTE: Paratheatre Lecture-Demo (intro to Intensive) Wed. Sept 6 at 7:30pm.
Click this for details on the Demo. Intensive Workshop facilitated by
Antero Alli.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX workspace and performance space

TALENT AND SKILL. Talent appears as a fluid capacity for accessing and expressing the internal landscape. Skill demonstrates a dexterity for articulating the internal landscape as externally recognizable forms, symbols, and designs. Talent is wild; feral. Skill is temperance; a taming. Talent appears as presence, spontaneity, a spirit of discovery; skill shows virtuosity, technique, clarity of form. Too much spontaneity can overwhelm skill turning everything to soup; too much structure crimps the spirit and crushes talent. Our longterm aim is to keep striking a dynamic balance between these extremes. - Antero Alli


Direct intuitive contact with sources of energy in the physical and energetic bodies towards spontaneous expression through presence, movement, action, gesture, and vocalization. Source work expands access and expression of the internal landscape that can be advanced through technique work.

Application of specific inner and outer actions -- such as No-Form, Polarizations, Vocal Creations, Verticality, Movement Vocabulary, Spatial Awareness, and Jogging Forms. Technique work tempers source work towards greater clarity, economy, and precision of form.

Exposure to, and release of, repressed emotions, fears, resistances, unconscious complexes and fixations, and/or denied aspects of onself towards their acceptance and transformation and/or healing. Shadow work gives expression to a dynamic visceral process of making the unconscious conscious that can be assisted bytechnique work.


The 5-phase Physical Warm-Up Cycle with Nondirectional Jogging

WORKSHOP limited to 10 participants. Bring a bottle of water (or tea) and a light protein-based snack to consume during a 15-minute break each day at 3pm. Wear clothes you can move freely in, clothes that are also free of corporate logos and images. Click this to read more about what to expect in this weekend workshop.

WORKSHOP FEE: $100 (for 12 hours; Noon to 6pm each day, Sat/Sun)
$20 deposit reserves your spot. Send payment on PayPal to:
Or send a check payable to Antero Alli, mailed to
Antero Alli, P.O. Box 19382, Portland OR 97280.
Balance of workshop fee due Saturday September 9th (cash prefered).
NOTE: Workshop deposits and fees are non-refundable but can be used as
credit towards future workshops and/or ParaTheatrical ReSearch products.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: or call 503-299-4064
and leave a mesage (no texts, please)


After this weekend intensive, some participants may be invited to join a 10-week Paratheatre Performance Lab -- starting Sunday September 17 and running for 10 Sunday nights (7:15pm to 10:15pm) through November 26 with two additional rehearsal nights: Tues Nov. 28 and Thurs Nov 30. Performances are scheduled for Fri/Sat/Sunday nights December 1, 2, & 3 at PerformanceWorks Northwest. The title, theme, and nature of this new experimental theatre work directed by Antero with music by Sylvi and E.V.E. -- to be announced.

CLICK THIS for details on the ALCHEMY Performance Lab



Antero Alli is founder/director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch (since 1977), a somatic training and performance process that combines methods of physical theatre, dance, voice, and meditation to access and express the internal landscape. Alli's Paratheatre has been documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003), two videos ("Orphans of Delirium" and "dreambody/earthbody") and in academia by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at the Institute of Art History, Copenhagen University. Mr. Alli has also written, directed, and produced numerous experimental theatre works and eleven underground feature films.

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