After its genesis in 1977, the crowning achievement of ParaTheatrical ReSearch arrived thirty-three years later in 2010 during a series of group ritual experiments exploring the Muses archetype, a process that lasted through 2019. As a filmmaker and theatre director, all my films and experimental theatre works during this 9-year era were chiefly informed and inspired by what I experienced in these Muses Labs. My 2020 workbook 'STATE OF EMERGENCE', introduces five complete ritual Lab structures at five different levels of difficulty, from the least difficult VERTICALITY Lab to the most difficult MUSES Lab. Each of the first four ritual structures hold keys to unlocking different dimensions of experience that support, activate, and deepen the Muses ritual. In July of 2023, James Wagner (who underwent two Muses Labs) and I recorded a Zoom meeting (see above video) where we discussed these stages of difficulty and our experiences with the methods we applied that led to the Muses Dialogue. What makes the Muses Lab the most difficult? To make the most of these "Muse" methods, one must already have within a deep longing or strong aspiration to engage sources of power and inspiration beyond ego. You don't need to be clear about what that is, what it looks like or how to do it; sometimes it's better when you don't know. But you must want it, heart and soul. - Antero Alli 

Muses Lab ~ Ritual Journal Entries and Video
2010 - 2019 --- Antero Alli


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