WINTER 2014/2015
The Characters Lab

Nine Thursday Nights, 8pm to 11pm, Finn Hall.
December 4th 2014 through January 29th 2015
Vets only (at least 2 previous Labs experience required).
Facilitated and directed by Antero Alli


Towards an asocial interplay of source-animated characters.

Using paratheatre methods we will access a variety of internal sources to animate physical characterizations with innate movement signatures, dominant conditions, walks, and masks. We will then structure dynamic interactions between characters, not as improvisation (as commonly known in theatre and dance) but, as an asocial interplay of source-animated characters. Though this experiment has potential for public performance, this Characters Lab will be approached as a non-performance workshop. If our work achieves a performance standard, where we begin to communicate something of relevance, a performance vehicle will be negotiated.

Antero Alli, Sylvi Alli, Andrew Reichart, Duncan Cook,
Michael Davenport, Luciano Rios, Jote Mahern,
Alaska Yamada, Nick Walker, Utam Moses.

Antero at:
or call 510-464-4640 and record your message