~ on the crux method of no-form ~


On Cultivating Intimacy with Void
© 1977-2020 Antero Alli

I am nothing.
I shall always be nothing.
I cannot want to be anything.
But I have in me all the dreams of the world.
- Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935)
(beloved poet of Portugal)


In this paratheatre work, No-Form serves two functions. This method is used to induce enough internal receptivity to engage vital currents, impulses, and autonomous forces innate to the Body as a movement resource as a physically active trance state. In this first function, No-Form acts as a trance-induction device. In the second function, No-Form is implemented after each engagement and expression of energies to discharge and release attachment to these forces. In its second function, No-Form acts as a trance-breaking device. No-Form represents the crux method of this paratheatrical work. Not much work of any value can occur until it can be experienced. The following adjustments can support the experience:


Stand in any way that supports vertical rest -- find the point of minimal effort to remain standing; standing at rest. The following physical adjustments can support emptying: 1) unlock the knees 2) widen the stance 3) drop the pelvis 4) let the spine drop, relaxed and suspended 5) focus on a full exhale, allowing the inhale to occur as a reflex and 6) eyes shut or open as a slit to minimize external stimuli.  

More notes on breath: By emphasizing the exhale in our standing no-form process (and allowing the inhale to occur as a reflex), the vagus nerve secretes a transmitter substance (ACh) which causes deceleration within beat-to-beat intervals of the heart via the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).

Once the outer actions of the physical stance are established, the following internal adjustments can support the inner action of No-Form: 1) withdraw attention from the external environment and reconnect attention within 2) relax the desire to control the outcome of the experience 3) relax the desire to control 4) find your anchor or comfort at being nothing and 6) be nothing.


From No-Form, we choose a source to access, say the element of Fire, and posit it as an already existing condition within us. We can project this energy into an area of the workspace, step into that area and allow the Fire element to fill our receptive state. Or we can access Fire right where are are standing. Either way, as the Fire energy begins surfacing within you, don’t try to control or direct this energy. Instead, allow the energy to dictate the direction and outcome of your movement, sounds, and gestures; let the Fire be the boss. The deeper your receptivity in No-Form, the deeper your experience of whatever source you wish to engage. This initial stage of receptivity and engagement of a source represents the "charging" function of No-Form. It acts as a trance-induction device if it alters our consciousness from one state to another.

Return to No-Form after you’re done engaging a source to release your attachment and identification with it. This discharging action of No-Form acts as a trance-dispersion deviceBy returning to No-Form after each ritual engagement of energies, we intentionally break that trance and restore our receptivity - we return to being nothing or, nobody but ourselves. This return to No-Form minimizes ego inflation that can occur with identification or merging with the psyche's unconscious contents. These two functions of No-Form -- charging and discharging -- occur by setting apart time before and after each ritual immersion to stand in No-Form.

First, we encounter the Void. Then comes different reactions and resistances to the Void. With persistence, there can emerge a friendlier relationship with the Void until, at some unpredictable juncture all separation between self and Void dissolves and we are left with an ineffable experience of being an expression of the Void -- the potential state, where all forms emerge and are born and dissolve in perpetua. No-Form practice represents the crux method of this paratheatrical medium.

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there is nothing to a void



BE NOTHING. The default dominator culture, and its bastard offspring celebrity subculture, invests high status on becoming somebody while shaming the idea of being a nobody...a nothing! However, as all self-governing bodies eventually realize, real power (not control), real freedom (not ego-independence) and real creativity (not consumerism) stems from intimacy with the formless, invisible sources -- the fertile void -- behind all palpable, visible and manifest effects. - Antero Alli

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