NOTES by John M. Doyle

Some of the devices (or techniques) that I resonated with were familiar from previous labs. In particular:

- relating to the space itself, not the people or objects within it

- accessing vertical sources while jogging, especially the earth element and below

- the physical warm-up (especially mobilizing the spine, which I found new ways to do)

- No-form, which I now can relate to experiencing the core support and minimal effort around the internal "Rolf" line. What was also new here was moving from personal to "impersonal" crossing a lake and then suddenly facing this unexpected and vast ocean, where all the unrecognized effort in "achieving" personal no-form dropped away...

- Prayer Circle  (especially finding a vocal tone that expresses connection and disconnection with source)

Others devices were quite new for me, especially resonating tones and working with melody:

- discovering/letting the melody simply arise, rather than forcing/making it happen.
Finding the Silent Source helped me in this.

- resonating tones in upper/middle/lower chambers

A lot of the lab has been a time of "experiential anatomy" for me - exploring my spine...the contrast between comparatively slow and supportive bones, faster, more reactive/contractive muscles, and the superfast web of nerves that mediates between them. I also found a lot of "personality" differences between the left and right sides of my body (like Father and Son). Also how they are unified, especially across the chest and through the heart.

I also appreciated selecting and repeating/refining individual movements (as in the DREAMING RITUAL LAB), and then exploring the "integration zone" where these movements merge...