Vetical Pool Orcale Card
Vertical Pool Orcale Card

to grasp, interpret
and articulate

It's not enough to possess profound insight or ideas only you can understand. If you are to realize your knowledge, you must communicate your truth. Look at this image in three ways: 1) as one person grasping the green substance with both hands 2) as this same person holding onto it 3) as one person passing it onto someone else. (Let the green substance symbolize anything worth knowing.) This reflects the trinary function of the most basic unit of biological intelligence, the neuron, in its capacity for absorbing, storing and transmitting information &/or energy. All three phases must be active before natural, or native, intelligence can fully
realize. When it does, anything is possible.

Sun in Aquarius
or in Eleventh House

the present

Inside the labyrinth of human memory certain moments persist beyond than the rest. Charged with the emotion of profound resonance, they form images that accumulate as the very sediment of our souls. The stone face represents a persona frozen in the past; an ego fixed on images no longer relevant to the present life. The sparkler depicts the warmth, light and immediacy of present-time realities. The soul emerges from the depths to contact the world outside. Spiritual emergence also connects past life memory to present time existential conditions. How does memory become loyal to present-time realities ?

South and North
Nodes of the Moon



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