The Drivetime


Production Credits
Director, screenplay, editor, director of photography: Antero Alli
Additional text & music: Rob Brezsny, Kristen Kosmas and Michael Douglas
Assistant editor: John W. Comerford, Paradigm Studios in Seattle
Sound design and audio production by Jim Jackson.
Second cameras: LD & Frank Alli -- Police riot footage
Footage of Capitol Hill riots of Sept. 10th 1994; protest against police brutality
by homeless youth: Mike Crow

Antero Alli, Filmography

The Soundtrack

World Entertainment War
Sylvi Alli
Jules Beckman
Jason White
NASA (Jupiter radio waves)
Sean Blosl

The Cast
Michael Douglas as "Flux"
Kristen Kosmas as "Miranda"
Michael George as "Vid"
Susan Mansfield as "Zola"
Michael Donovan as "Seamus"
Joel Gilman as "James"
Jim Jackson as "Hermes"
Camille Hildebrandt as "t
he Tracer"

Executive Producers
ParaTheatrical ReSearch (Antero Alli)
The Televisionary Oracle (Rob Brezsny)

Shooting formats: video (BETA SP, HI-8, VHS, C-VHS, SVHS); film (Super-8)
Mixed, edited and mastered onto BETA SP Video
30 hours of editing time
Total budget: $5,000. (self-funded)
Shooting schedule: principal, 3 weeks; auxillary, one month

Total Running Time: 86 minutes