In-Person Astrology Readings
with Antero Alli in Portland, Oregon.

My readings are more informative than advisory; I will not tell you what to do
nor will I make any decisions for you. In these choice-centered Astrology readings,
I will tell you what I see and what that means in the most accessible, non-dogmatic,
and compassionate ways that I know how. If you are motivated to become
more responsible for your past, present, and future choices,
my Astrology Readings may be for you.
- Antero Alli

If you live in or near the Portland area, or are just passing through, I can be available for an in-person astrology reading given two or three days advance notice. When you are ready to make an appointment for an in-person reading, call or e-mail me (see contact info below). To interpret your astrology chart, I need to know your time of birth, day/month/year and place of birth. Once we agree on a date and time to meet, I expect punctuality. If it looks like you will be more than 15 minutes late, please call me (don't text); if I don't hear from you, your reading will be cancelled and a $20. cancellation fee will be charged to reschedule your reading. NOTE: You are responsible for recording your reading (highly recommended). Previous clients have done this using an i-phone, i-pad or any recording device you wish to bring with you.

NOTE: Cash payment required for all in-person readings.
Please read the Services and Rates and the Policies
sections below before making an appointment. -- Antero


from those who have had readings with me

voice-mail (503) 299-4064
Antero Alli, PO Box 19382, Portland OR 97280



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(20-45 min. depending on number of locations)
Varied fees: $50/1 location; $80/2 locations; $125/3 locations
If you plan on relocating, I can identify the tendencies and potentialities that can become active after residing in a new location as long as the location is in a different time zone than the time zone of your birth place. I will interpret up to three relocations (as long as they are each in different time zones); each location has its own chart. Relocation readings are not included in Transit, Natal-Transit, or Synastry readings.

TRANSIT READING: $140. (50-60 minutes)
The year ahead; a 12-month (or more) forecast of major planetary influences. One 60-minute audio cassette plus chart. This reading is suggested when you need an update on how and when the current, and near future, forces at play may be influencing your life. Progressed Sun and Moon interpretations by request (let me know before you arrive for the reading). I do not offer Solar Return readings.

NATAL/TRANSIT READING: $180. (80-90 minutes)
This is a comprehensive birth chart analysis plus major transits; one 90-minute audio cassette plus your birth chart. Every chart has a story... a mythos through which your life's purpose can find meaning and manifestation. This reading addresses your innate strengths and weaknesses, your tendencies in love, work, family, creativity, money, friendships, and more. Past-life karmic patterns are also examined in context to the dharma of your present-life calling. Feel free to ask any questions (the more specific, the better) regarding anything you need to know. It is helpful to know why you want this reading.

SYNASTRY (relationship) READING: $300. (two hours)
An analysis of the compatibilities and conflicts innate to any given relationship plus personal issues each individual brings into the circle of intimacy. I examine the factors that can make and/or break any relationship, as well as any karmic and/or past life influences. I won't tell you whether someone is merely “right” or “wrong” for you or, if they are “the One”. These readings address the greater complexities of psychological projection (anima, animus, shadow) and the self-work necessary to deepen individual integrity when relating with another. In the words of Czech poet, Rainer Maria Rilke:

"A good relationship is one in which each partner appoints the other as guardian of his solitude. A merging of two people is an impossibility. Where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom. Once we accept that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side develops, which gives us the possibility of seeing each other as whole and before an immense sky." - Rainer Maria Rilke



Please read the section below before making an appointment


our Birth Data
E-mail me your birth data: time of birth (am or pm?), day/month/year (for example, write it out like: August 7, 1993, not 8/7/93) and place of birth (city, state, country). Note: an astrology chart is only as accurate as its time of birth. If you've sent me the wrong birthtimeand let me know AFTER I have completed the reading, I will charge you the full cost of the reading to do it over. If the birth data error was mine, I'll do the reading over at no extra cost. I will not do any readings without a time of birth. (I don't do chart rectifications).

I do not offer astrology readings as surprise gifts for third parties. If you think my readings may benefit someone you know, please send them a link to this web page so they may approach me personally with their inquiry.

You must be at least 21 years of age before I agree to interpret your
astrology chart. I also do not interpret charts for infants or the unborn

As a deterrent to client dependency, I ask that you wait at least a year before getting a second reading from me. After your second reading, please wait two years before getting a third reading. I will not do more than three readings for anyone. After three readings with me, I am happy to recommend any of the following astrologers. Please tell them I sent you:

Hal Bahr
Click this to visit Hal's website

Greg Bogart (Berkeley CA)
Click this to visit Greg's website

Tamar Hurwitz (San Francisco CA)


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