I highly recommend these two excellent astrologers; tell them I sent you.

Greg Bogart (Berkeley CA)
Click this to visit Greg's website

Tamar Hurwitz (Florida/California)
Click this to visit Tamar's website



Why I am Closing Shop

At 70 years, 2022 marks a grand transition in my personal and professioanl life, calling me to withdraw from the public sphere of so many outlets of collective interaction I have deeply enjoyed over the last 40-50 years; my astrology courses and readings, my 8-Circuit Brain online course, making films and creating experimental theatre. All my books and films will remain available at VerticalPool.com and The Original Falcon Press. This move will give me space to explore more private interests without an audience, or press reviews, or telling someone what their astrology chart means. It's simply a time to realign more thoroughly with the internal sources animating everything I have known as most true and essential. My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who chose to meet my journey with your own.