NOTES by Sylvi Alli

There were a number of techniques that we worked with in this lab that
I found quite valuable. I will address a few of them here.

"continuous, moving stretch" -
employed in the pre-warm-up section, I found particularly valuable for the way that this direction encouraged me to find new ways of moving, stretching my body. I was surprised by the focus that it demanded, as well as how much more it moved me out of the mental realm and more into the physical realm.

"trinity of movements" -
this was a new approach to a technique I was familiar with previously but in the context of working with dream movements. It was quite interesting to apply this stitching together of movements into a looped "choreography" using movements discovered in a waking state, rather than in a dreaming one. I quickly found that I had a tendency to rush, to speed up the dance, but this led to exhaustion and "crazy-making" for me personally, forcing me to slow down. This technique really worked to develop my commitment to precision.

"searching for our melody" -
this technique totally amazed me. Starting in noform, we traversed the realms of sleep, wake and dream, all the while looking for our melody, not forcing it, but maintaining receptivity to it, allowing it to emerge. When I found my melody, or rather, when it found me, I discovered the most effortless way of singing that I have ever experienced. It was truly mindblowing.

"jogging through trinity sources" -
fascinating development of our no-form jog. I was surprised at the subtle shifts in my physical movement as I traveled through the different sources. It was a good way to strengthen my sense of no-form while in motion.