"Final Workshops"

While working together in an asocial climate, a unique group unity
unfolds from each person's heightened commitment to their own internal
sources while sharing that Presence with others and being acted on
by the Presence of others.
- Antero Alli, director

~ Weekend Intensive & One-Day Workshop ~

Paratheatre Weekend Intensive
September 14 & 15, ~ Noon to 6pm each day
One-day workshop added on Sept. 22nd
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All labs, performances, and workshops
to cease after September 2019.

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Video Clips, F.A.Q., Orientation, Testimonials

'THE LITTLE VAGABOND" by William Blake as sung by Sylvi Alli
From the May 2018 ParaTheatrical ReSearch production "Fallen Monsters"
(this clip shows a scene that's neither improvised nor choreographed
where the actions erupt spontaneously from the performers'
heightened commitment to specific internal sources) 

ParaTheatrical ReSearch Video Documents

from 1991 to 2018

suggested for those interested in doing this work

Testimonials from Paratheatre LAB Participants
by Antero, Sylvi, & many others 

How this Paratheatre medium evolved
from 1970 to present day 

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