on the total offering of self

"In this non-performance oriented medium, the external pressure to 
perform is released and replaced by the self-created pressures of
increasing the force of our commitment to the particular source,
task, or action at hand towards the total offering of self."
Antero Alli


Summer MUSES Lab
Seven Mondays: August 3 - September 14. 8pm-11pm.
The aim of this Lab is gnosis (direct experience) of the Muses phenomena
and its expression through physical, ritual, and vocal methods and processes.
Open to those with at least two previous Lab experiences.
Facilitated by Antero Alli. Click above image for more details

Autumn BASICS Lab
Eight Mondays: Sept 21 - Nov. 9, 2015. 8pm-11pm.
The BASICS Lab explores the fundamental movement, vocal,
meditative, and ritual methods of this paratheatre medium.
Open to newbies and vets. Entry by interview and/or invitation.
Facilitated by Antero Alli. Click above image for more details.

Lab Fees, Entry Interview


Participation by invitation and/or interview.
Three or four Labs occur each year. Labs run seven to
nine weeks and meet for one 3-hour night per week.
BASICS Lab fees for Newbies is $200. for eight weeks.
Lab fees for Vets with 2 previous BASICS Labs run less
($120. to $200. depending on duration).

The Entry Interview 
For Those Interested in Participating 

introductory reading material


suggested reading for those wishing participation

questions and answers about paratheatre


Video Clips, Public Event History, Past Lab Reports


Clips from Paratheatre Video Documents
circa 1991, 1999, 2004, 2012

Public Performance and Event History 
since 1990; the SF Bay area & beyond 

Past Lab Themes and Ritual Journal Entries
by Antero and others 

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