Towards an Insurrection of the Poetic Imagination
Talking Raven Quarterly

A Journal of Imaginative Trouble
Seattle Wa, circa 1991-95. R.I.P.

"An alive, provocative publication with the feel of the early underground.
It includes outrageous editorials, poetry, reprints from other publications
and interviews with local media artists. Also includes interesting ads from
Seattle Alternative scene. Anarchical and bizarre, candid and combative."

-- R.R. Lee Etzwiler for TapRoot Review

Alt-literary Periodical. Antero Alli, Editor in Chief. 1991-95, published four times a year on every Equinox and Solstice in Seattle WA. Every quarterly issue explored a different theme relating to the "insurrecton of the poetic imagination". Themes included: Sanctuary, Intoxication, Sappho & Eros, Hope, Faith & Good News, Urban Aboriginies, End of the World, Kaos Kulture, Virtual Reality, Invisibility and others. Featuring poetry, art, articles, book and music reviews produced during the creatively explosive era of the early nineties in Seattle's underground culture. Contributors included Terence Mckenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Michael Ventura, Antero Alli, Rob Brezsny. Art director, James Koehnline.

Antero Alli, editor
ParaTheatrical ReSearch, publisher
James Koehnline, art director
Camille Hildebrandt, book reviews
Troy Skeels, poetry reviews
Jonnie Gilman, layout design

Distributed free on the Seattle streets.
Print run (1991-95): 5,000-10,000 per quarterly issue.
Paid for funds raised at bi-monthly Talking Raven Benefit
Salon Performances at The Weathered Wall, Seattle.



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