The 5-phase physical Warm-up that starts each Paratheatre session
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The term "paratheatre" was coined in the 1970's by the late Polish theatre director, Jerzy Grotowski, to address his highly visceral ritualistic approach to performance. Inspired by Grotowski's vision, Antero Alli started developing his own Paratheatre medium in 1977 by combining methods of physical theatre, dance, vocalization and standing meditation to access and express the Body's innate sources of impulse, emotion, power, and grace. This intensely process-based work has proven useful to actors, dancers, singers, performers, and non-performers alike looking to break out of ruts while stretching their given talents and skills (click this for Antero's notes on talent and skill).

In this presentation, Antero discusses the primary methods of his Paratheatre work as they are demonstrated by Sylvi Alli and Memorie Eden. Both performance and non-performance modalities of Paratheatre will be discussed. Q&A to follow.

Antero Alli and ParaTheatrical ReSearch


Antero Alli has written, designed, and directed numerous experimental theatre works since 1975. The Paratheatre medium he started developing in 1977 is documented in his book, "Towards an Archeology of the Soul" (Vertical Pool, 2003), in several videos, and by Nicoletta Isar, Professor at the Institute of Art History, Copenhagen University. Doing paratheatre has inspired the stories for many of his numerous underground feature films including "The Greater Circulation" (2005; 93 min) based on Rainer Maria Rilke's "Requiem for a Friend" and "The Invisible Forest" (2008; 111 min) a tribute to French Surrealist playwright, Antonin Artaud. Antero is founder/artistic director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX.

ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX stages two new experimental theatre works each year incorporating poetic text, Paratheatre, film, live music and song; our next production, "Soror Mystica" (text by H.D.) premieres Dec 1-3, 2017. We are open to inquiries from, and collaborations with, performing artists across the spectrum of theatre, dance, music & song, ritual, clown, vaudeville, and poetry. ParaTheatrical ReSearch PDX is a non-union, self-funded collective; we don't do grants or suckle the corporate teet.

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