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from "Soror Mystica" (December 2017)

Advancement in this paratheatre work results from consistent application of a three-phase process of identification, service, and sustaining care of empathy. All three stages are intimately linked with no final graduations or arrivals; the process continues. Each stage also expresses essential components of each other.

The first stage involves cultivating enough internal receptivity -- via No-Form practice -- to detect, engage and merge with energy sources in the body itself. Identification with these energies follows a conscious act of surrender to your own energy in a full-bodied immersive experience. The results can be chaotic, convulsive, ecstatic, and melodramatic without communicating anything beyond the catharis of self-expression.

The second stage involves a shift from merging and identifying with these the Body's innate forces - impulses, emotions, reflexes, etc. - towards serving their directives. This shift helps clarify the expression of patterns, characteristics, and rhythms innate to any given source of energy. This results in increased economy of movement and clarity of expression of whatever forces are engaged and served through the instrument of self.

The third stage involves a discovery of what we care most about, or love most about, any given force we are engaging and serving. This happens in the moment we engage the source from No-Form, rather than from any preconception of what we think we care about or love. As we commit to this experience, a sustaining care of empathy nurtures and informs the quality and expression of whatever source we are engaging and serving.


-- Antero Alli
updated 10/30/2018


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